Brawl of Ages is a free-to-play Collectible Card Arena game inspired by Clash Royale, but rendered on the PC platform, and brought to new competitive heights with a streamlined mix of features and mechanics from several RTS, MOBA, RPG, and Tower Defense genres.


Brawl of Ages is designed for both the casual & competitive gaming communities. To start, we removed any restrictive time-gating barriers that forced players to endure slow & painful game progression. We feel that the best way to get people to play and enjoy Brawl of Ages as much as we do is to, you know, let them! This means that players:


  1. Aren't forced to spend most of their time not playing the game because they're waiting for their chest timers to countdown so they can unlock new cards.
  2. Don't have to reach a higher ladder ranking so they can unlock better cards because of gated content.
  3. Don't have to endure a less enjoyable gaming experience that involves increasing amounts of grind as they progress through the game & unlock more content.


At its core, Brawl of Ages is a competitive game. As an extension of this design philosophy, card leveling is no longer something you'll need to worry about.  Pay for power is an outdated concept, a thing of the past. You won’t be stuck losing to an opponent who simply paid for better cards. In our opinion, winning games should be about timing and skill, not shoving money at the game to upgrade cards & get an edge over your opponents.

What is Brawl of Ages?

Building Your Deck

  1. Choose a deck of 10 cards from a large selection of unique Units, Buildings, Totems and Spells, each with different abilities to help you destroy your Opponent's base.
  2. There are currently 4 types of card rarity: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.
  3. Cards of higher rarity are not typically more powerful than their counterparts.
  4. For example, Legendary card may be stronger, equal to or even weaker than Common cards, but they will always have a more specialized role and require a much higher level of skill to play and utilize effectively.


Playing Your Cards

  1. Spells and Totems can be cast anywhere on the battlefield, while most Units and Buildings can only be deployed on your territory.
  2. Playing cards uses Mana, the primary resource of Brawl of Ages.
  3. Players start each match with a pool of 15 Mana, which constantly regenerates but maxes out at 20.
  4. Some cards have resource manipulation abilities & auras. For example, a Building card that increases your Mana regeneration rate for a short duration, or a Unit card that decreases your Spell & Totem Mana costs while in play.


The Rules of Battle

Brawl of Ages takes place on a real-time 1v1 battle arena divided in the middle by water terrain along with 2 lanes leading to the Opponent's base. Each Player has 2 Lane Towers that defend each of the opposite lanes flanking their Main Tower.


Players can achieve victory through 2 ways

  1. Destroy their Opponent's Main Tower, instantly winning the game and achieving complete domination.
  2. Destroy more Lane Towers than their Opponent before the match timer runs out.


Match Duration

  1. Each match has a 3 minute duration. After 2 minutes, Mana regeneration is doubled for both Players.
  2. If both Players have an equal number of Lane Towers when the timer runs out, the match goes into a 2 minute overtime with sudden death rules.
  3. In overtime, the 1st player to destroy a Lane or Main Tower wins immediately.
  4. If overtime runs out with no Towers destroyed, the match will end in a draw.

How do I play the game?

What  do Cards Do?

Traditional Ladder: This is the primary way to play the game and is a great way to earn currency to craft cards and to unlock the cards themselves. In this mode you choose a deck, enter the matchmaker, play against someone of similar Medal count (skill rating) and earn Seals by destroying towers. When you win, your Medal count goes up (as well as your subsequent Ladder position) and when you lose, the opposite happens.


Conquest: In this mode you use Gems to pay to enter. The objective is to obtain 10 wins before losing 3 times. As you obtain more wins, the prizes you receive get better and better. This is a great value proposition to gain currency and unlock good cards. It uses a draft deck (you can draft cards you haven't unlocked yet) best-of-three format. You are matched against opponents that have similar wins as you.


Smash Party: This allows a 1v1 game to become more social. You can invite up to 7 people to a Smash Party. VoIP is active for all party members as well as their own chat room. Players in the party challenge each other. Only one game happens at a time and when a challenge is accepted all other party participants are invited to come spectate the game. During the game VoIP is still available for all users allowing fun banter back and forth. The party tracks a session leaderboard showing the Win / Loss record of all participants and ranks the players from most to least wins. All Arcade Modes are available, including Traditional at all times in Smash Party.


Friendly Challenges: You can challenge the people on your friends list to Challenges to try new decks, strategies or to see who is the better player.

Are there multiplayer modes?

At the cost of a balanced mana amount they deploy units, construct buildings or cast spells used to overcome your enemy and destroy their towers. Cards come in 4 rarities currently: Common, Rare, Epic & Legendary - these rarities are not designations of power but rather specialization or uniqueness and their overall availability through card acquisition.

What do cards do?

Start with 19 cards


Gain access to cards from spinning the Big Brawls Board. Cards can also be crafted using a special currency you can obtain from the Big Brawls Board or duplicate cards.

How do I obtain cards?

It is a board that has 14 randomly generated items in it. Those items are cards, currency (Valor & Gems), account icons & other goodies. You “spin” the board which begins to randomly highlight the prizes on the board. There is a “stop” button which will make the board stop on a random prize tile. You are awarded that prize.


You gain free spins on the board by collecting seals from destroying enemy towers in Ladder Matches within the game or through playing the Conquest mode.


You may also purchase high quality (better prizes) boards using Gems.

What is the Big Brawls Board?

Smash Party: This offers a fun and relaxed atmosphere for groups of friends to get together, hang out and play some Brawl together in an interesting format *Note: (there is more information about Smash Party in the “Are there multiple game modes?” question above)


Friendly Challenges: We offer a complete friends list including importing your Steam friends. From the friend’s list you can IM, invite to Smash Parties and directly challenge them to a friendly duel.

Can I play with my friends?

It is our intention to do everything we can to foster Brawl of Ages into a dominant eSport game. It is extremely fun to spectate, has multiple fun format options and has a very high skill ceiling. That is a great formula to create a strong showing as a highly competitive title. We are working very closely with great organizations like ESL to develop and nurture our strategy.

Is this going to be an esports title?

No. This is a Free 2 Play game.

Does the game cost money?

You can purchase gems, which is our in game currency. They can be used on a number of things:


Big Brawls Boards & Spins

Access to Conquest

Cosmetics & other non gameplay related fanfare

Can I spend money on the game?

Unit skins

Premium Emote credits

Tower skins

Map skins

Custom death effects

Account Icons & Icon Frames

What cosmetics are available in the game?

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